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Edible Gummies Quarter Pound

Red Dragon

The Best Selling THCA Brand In America!

Home remedies for backache relief Aromatherapy blends for anxiety relief Physical therapy exercises for muscle aches Hydrothe


Who We Are

Our company was founded in 2018. Our products are 100% natural & derived from hemp.
Our products have various positive effects which may help reduce some common ailments such as body aches, headaches, anxiety, and much more. Our line of products are federally compliant and follow all regulations to be able to be bought, sold, and distributed in most states. We are a business to business to consumer based business and supply over 1,000+ locations nationwide.


Delta 8

Exotic 2G Pre rolls


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Hydroxy 11 Pre rolls

Red Dragon Exotic 1G Singles (28 Per Jar)

THCA Gummies

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Baby Jeeter (6) 0.5G THCA Infused Pre Rolls 

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